footloose and fancy free in oz

A bloke, his better half, and a 4WD truck, in the wild blue yonder of the red continent

Where we’ve been so far


Here’s a rough overview of our route to date. I’ll aim to update it from time to time.

Australia Roadmap Footloose Route 3 (Legend)


4 thoughts on “Where we’ve been so far

  1. Gosh, there is so much to see still. Australia is so big. Awesome trip so far.

    • Hey Alex, so good to hear from you. Yeah, she’s a big country alright! Almost feels daunting when we look at the “big” map. It doesn’t show so many of the roads we’ve travelled. It’s a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it 🙂 Hope you’re nice & toasty. Not long to go until your overseas jaunt, eh?! Much love from both of us. xx

  2. I think I have finally worked out how to do this… I have never checked whether you answered..duh hahahaha
    Always meant to say that I’m so wrapped to see that the butterfly has made it into the truck, so a little bit of me travels with you 😉

  3. Well, and I meant to respond but, left internet & phone coverage instead …
    Nice you spotted the butterfly. We made a point of taking our friends with us 🙂
    In fact, NZ is very well represented in our home on wheels!

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