footloose and fancy free in oz

A bloke, his better half, and a 4WD truck, in the wild blue yonder of the red continent


This blog  documents the trials and tribulations of a couple of free spirits who are heading into the wild blue yonder of the red continent. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure that had a soggy start in late January 2013.

The scribe:
Former desk-jockey, glass-half-full chick, adventurous soul, citizen of the world (with trans-Tasman fondness and European roots), tinkerer and crafty bugger. Slow food fan.
The lively half of a mostly awesome combo.

The bloke:
Jack of all trades, problem finder and solutions architect. Travels with a superb assortment of tools and can change a truck tyre. Has been known to rant about the political/economic/fiscal system and their protagonists. Loves a biscuit with his after-lunch coffee.

The two of us have said good-bye to the trappings of urban life to take a good look at this amazing country. With a 4WD truck and 160GB of our favourite music as soundtrack, we intend to cover Oz in freestyle fashion – or at least give it a bloody good try for as long as it’s fun.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Well hello there! Great to catch up with you and your adventures – it sounds like you are having an amazing time. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us 🙂

    • It’s my pleasure. I should admit that there’s also a degree of self interest … I’m figuring that by publishing it on here we’ll still remember our adventures should dementia set in 😉

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